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Layering Gaze by Astra Papachristodoulou

After The Woman In The Moon by Aubrey Beardsley

in the age of pen & ink the moon is concealed by marble mantles large dark-ish ones over blank marble ones and areas of fine detail they tumble-down contorted into all sorts

shapes and lines large dark-ish ones something elaborate stumbled, over blank marble ones scribbling & drawing on areas of fine detail almost nothing blank and something absent in their gaze contorted into all sorts just up and increasing cautious like that it grows

yellow lines, black and yellow marble strands heaven is lowered onto marble light while something absent over scribbling, grows over large dark ones in the age of pen & ink almost something almost enough over the scribbling but tumble-down contorted into all sorts by yellow mantles just up and increasing and cautious like that shapes and lines they tumble-down

the moon is hidden by a marble cloud see the shapes and lines the face concealed by yellow mantles over large scribbling where heaven is lowered and contorted into all sorts while something absent turns light mantle over blank marble ones shapes and lines stumble in their gaze while heaven is lowered to a wholeness that contorts into all sorts, for sure just up and increasing while shapes and lines conceal the moon who’s the serious type and cautious like that he reaches to the moon who’s the secretly-mad type and cautious like that but little did they know that the yellow is lowered & she’s the fun-loving type


Astra is a PhD student at the University of Surrey with focus in experimental writing and the neo-futurist tradition across poetry, visual art and performance. She has read at poetry events including the European Poetry Festival and The Enemies Project. Her poetry has appeared in small magazines and anthologies including The Tangerine, Eborakon Journal and 3:am Magazine, and has been translated into Russian, Slovenian and Spanish.


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