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Because your mother is a lifeline by Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact

sometimes your heart is a void of brokenness,

and your eye is an aquarium of tears.

sometimes you wake up with your body filled

with heaviness, your tongue robed with

scabs of pains, and your face smeared

by wrinkles of despair.

but you do not know the paleness of dark clouds,

or wear the ugliness of a raging storm,

because your mother's mouth is an oasis of melodies,

because your mother's word is a light refreshing breeze,

because your mother's prayer is a rain of blessings,

because your mother is an anchor for a broken spirit.

even in moments of dearth, your mother is a lifeline,

she knits strength into broken tissues,

and mend renting souls with stitches of care.


Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact is an award winning Nigerian poet and a 2021 best of the net

nominee. His poems "Who I am" and "How we spend our nights in Covid times" were shortlisted respectively for 2020 African Writers award and June edition of Collins Elesiro literary prize. He tweets @fruitfulimpact


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