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all my life by Brandon Bennett

sungushing fatherleaning

smoking 4am his leathered

face hanging out the bedroom

window we all rise with him we

latch onto his strangeness the

quietness of an hour climb into the

blue ford transit

lindow common incoming

razorlight through the radio


america you felt so certain then

the lake full of reeds full of redheaded moorhens

undulating grassland an old dump

frankensteined with grand metal vents

candling balloon ground taut

we camp for some time by an oak

shattered on the grass


look at that

i slide my hands round my thighs

damp with morning dew not yet lifted


Brandon Bennett is a poet from Manchester. His debut pamphlet 'Peat and Other Soils' is scheduled for release with Death of Worker's Whilst Building Skyscrapers early 2024. He is also the EIC and co-founder of BRAG Writers Literary Magazine.

This poem was selected by Anthropocene Guest Editor Tom Branfoot.


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