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3 poems by Paige Glasser

[in the night, we are free]

Each night he must

be carried through artificial tunnels and dream recurrent dreams.

-Elizabeth Bishop, “The Man-Moth”

you too must say I was the loneliest person who ever lived

say you dream of oceans & lighthouses & creatures foreign

to our flightless bodies in need of deep ruptures of oxygen

in our soft lungs digging our fingers into the space between

say you long for the solitude & heartache of the subways

people you wish to love but will never know like you know

yourself i too am cursed with the largest eyes & sandy

tears that look like my favorite anxieties or fear what

i am capable of feeling towards like learning how to dance

underwater like being a child who tries to capture air bubbles

in pulpy palms for hours to cheat my own biology or to become

more than what i am say it again say it like a breath say i too am the

loneliest person who ever did live

[the bisexual poem]

how i never used a hanger as a line & hook

how it’s more the way my yard looks when

the world tilts in the celestial ether

how it’s a deep visceral feeling

how one place becomes another like

a dream sequence

you never recover from or

how the light runs down my body

as a seam does

how i lack a head & heart line

how mine aren’t golden like the trick

of an opening door

how i’m an in between with my legs protruding from underneath the bed

how i was trying to find viability beyond my own body my own holes my own bug eyed clinging to the walls my own need to be loved in a recreation of —

[lost in the blue]

here i am, a pronouncement

of space filled with my belly, my

thighs —

my hands scooping out the liquid

purple like bruises like —

am i a person, a rhetorical question

because of course i am

of course i am

you might say

how philosophical musings are for bullshitters

but like, maybe i am made of poems

like this one tall & precarious

teacups or spoons or metaphors

stacked together a little village of

thank you cards

so human i’ve dissolved

but, like, hear me out,

have you ever fallen straight into the sky

it’s like falling into a well

you almost just —


over anything really, your own words,

cracks that broke —

you get it.

but like, I’m talking about the whole sky

i’m talking about cartwheeling recklessly

careening, really, into where god lives

he would be really surprised,

his mouth all wide like

what the fuck are you doing here

when you fall upside down

do these anxieties all of the —

do these people hate me

do i deserve to be hated

do i want to be hated so i can be right

or not deal with my own self hatred or

am i just terrified of being mediocre so

living in extremes is easier is so much better

is so —

do they fall out of your pockets

like all the quarters you were saving for

laundry day your favorite day where

everything is finally clean

like, would i get lost in the great big blue

all the clouds are always shifting

like i shouldn’t trust a thing they say

like they gossip when you aren’t looking

or give you wrong directions just to watch you

falter because that is so funny

that is so —


Paige Glasser graduated with a B.A. from Centre College. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but currently lives in Utah. Her work intends to create rooms for the reader to enter and touch the walls.


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