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2 poems by Lauren Terry

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Cruise Ship

At the lip of the sea,

a fat white body

is snagged on capstone,

flank slick with algae.

A boy prods

its belly with a stick,

and swears

he sees it flinch.


white hallway doors pulled to

at the other end

a small blue pane


grey speckled pool deck

in desperate want of loungers

but the water is a black hole

and the filter comes alive

at night


Orange World World Showcase Lighthouse Sculpture Honours

Tot Killed by Gator

at Walt Disney World

we the people



the traffic lights


a thin black cord

around their necks

TEES $1.99

where Spiderman

spins a sign for Subway

sweat soaking

through his morphsuit

a local woman tallies cents in the tollbooth

the desk fan tips its head in her direction


of an armadillo


on the other side

planes taxi

images cannot hold

themselves together

the smoking deck is a wire pen

scattered nubs infertile seeds

the ground could not swallow


Lauren Terry is an AHRC / Midlands4Cities researcher at Nottingham Trent University. Lauren's critical-creative PhD thesis explores the connections between (neuro)psychoanalysis, modernist poetic language, and material objects. She is published by Nottingham presses, Launderette Books and Mud Press. Her poems will appear in the forthcoming issue of The Molly Bloom.


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