2 poems by Laia Sales Merino

    Updated: Jul 30, 2019

    a la terrassa del Nevermind

    [m'encenc el piti]

    pues es que me vuelve loquita but

    & you know we met the other day & Barcelona

    was dripping wet with a galletas maría light os lo juro

    llum daurada in his eyes on his skin

    out his mouth when he spoke to me ojos fixed en el cielo

    for a second as if watching his whole vida held there birth to legacy

    como si the sky was playing all his music y sí he will make it

    lo sé in my bones & me wondering

    how much of this wet light can i take before este cuerpecito mío

    ay flows away & why are his lips shimmering so sorely with it

    luz dorada & grapefruit juice always on them que sí

    & really how much do i care

    about poetry una mierda

    sus ojitos though

    two sonnets almendrados que me atrapan y no salgo

    can't look into them for long honestly

    at least without it being obvious que me encanta, joder

    because my breath starts falling through & i speak

    in pinkish fragments cut by su mirada my voice

    entrecortada & my pupils probably huge no green left

    & i bet que me ahogo into his swirling brown if i don't keep

    looking away & really

    i just wanna tell him everything & end up

    having conversations with him in my mind smiling

    easy wherever i am like that's not healthy no?

    but what's healthy when everything feels so good

    & the sky getting bigger & bluer i wanna keep feeling

    his hard moonlight piercings on my body por la noche la mañana

    his voice que sube que baja que me envuelve

    keep being ridiculous talking crazy laughing like we're kids again

    ay nenas [sip of clara, smile]

    i am somewhere else with him or rather

    i am as here as i can be like that mindfulness mierda

    pues es que me vuelve loquita but [sigh]

    pero he can't dance, ostia

    no sabe bailar y eso ufff

    is a problem.

    [apago el piti]

    mi trip a cambridge

    i. morning

    leave the hostel with a fiebreglow

    cigarro hanging de mi'labio'—ah no.

    leave the hostel with a fiebreglow

    look up, sky blauíssim

    like in my valley almost

    look up, familia i think of you

    soaked in sol every dia sí i wish

    i grab a bit de azul lo presseo

    my mind pa clarifear start

    walking sí caminando

    respirando swallowing

    these horizons till i

    inside a café olé

    coffeecroissant as fast

    as i can i'm late but

    this is our breakfast, mama

    tallat i croissant te'n recordes?

    december cafè 365 Barcelona

    legañas sin limpiar, curls sin peinar

    you looking at me eyes pine needles

    three thousand of them allí smelling

    like Segovia, you told me que sí

    Adam had become like family but

    i don't want

    any of my daughters

    to end up like me with així

    que do what you gotta do, Laieta

    for you & nobody else

    pero shit i'm very late

    or maybe not so late & anyway

    estic de camí no?

    pues ya está smiling at

    the sky, blau of my sisters' eyes

    all these people moving next to me their

    spiky tongues, nutella tongues, nocilla tongues leche

    cacao, avellanas y azúcar!

    each speaking el cel different & my ears buzzing

    e poi finalmente Alison Richard building 7 West Road & i am

    actually on time va va va, en la conferencia

    más café más swallowing de

    paracetamol hoping for la ausencia

    of this sticky orange i just want

    blau suau today i wanna concentrate

    20 quid joder trying to listen

    first speaker, Romanos, hablando

    que si el PP que si el PSOE que si

    la crisis crisis corrupción los indignados

    each syllable crawling to

    the 2017 regional election & i

    think of you papa tu, al pati after voting

    your eyes fixed on anything but me

    next to the first pine tree scratching its bark

    breaking your nails

    like to show me how i scratched el teu cor how

    i esgarrapar your heart in the polling place

    laia who you voted for! laia what's your mama done!

    what you said about her

    in a blood voice

    i will never forget but Romanos

    has stopped talking & my

    head, my head

    earrings in my sockets

    mis ojitos hanging sorely de mis ears au

    orejitas wet with voices au, mami

    la fiebre.

    la fiebrecilla glowing.

    ii. evening

    leave the conference fiebre-glowing

    cigarro hanging de mi labio oops

    fuck puto tabaco de mierda que me mata, you beautiful people

    so healthy

    i wanna be

    like you i

    wanna let the sky in

    my body


    until i become cielo until

    cielo is holier yo

    quiero ser like you i'll

    be like you i'm bright like you pero

    with mountain stars alpine stars estrelles

    del Cadí sí, soon


    pero fumando y caminando now

    pero el sol se fue y yo tranquila in a park now

    en un parque, sitting on lluna grass y mis amores

    appear with such a

    riu-de-muntanya amor, riu

    de la Cerdanya & here we are now

    whisperreando boniques

    we are tired of chasing

    the sun in this country our ojos

    brighter than the hottest

    day in the UK we are

    going aye que nos vamos far

    más lejos, as lluny as...

    pero i'm starving now i

    let them disapperear y voy

    pick up a co-op pizza

    caminando solita

    clutching a blue clipper in the pocket sí walking

    with no sonríe, mi amor ay no

    sweeter soundtrack que als carrers

    de Barcelona, here nightcielo

    canturreando my mind nightcielo

    y nada else, ah but my body

    guitarreando fever y ya

    no sé lo que digo no i don't

    know what i'm saying

    to the hostel receptionist

    telling me the oven is broken

    la mierda la pizza que me duermo que me muero

    in the 4-bed mujeres room ara like

    una reina nadie else aquí

    take off mi ropa imagine l'abuela gritando estás

    más gorda, más gorda, más guapa! ay la alegría

    of having a Segovian abuela who thinks

    que la chicha es bonita but

    under a duvet now por fin

    el paracetamol-taking gracias a dios

    gracias a dios, a dios, you, el peruano

    send me a whatsapp & i

    reply sí & bona nit & <3

    but bonic, boniquíssim que tus labios on

    mi corazón mi puto

    corazón tongue

    so so close teeth


    what you gonna do

    y qué harás

    y què faràs.

    la fiebrecilla glowing.


    Laia Sales Merino is a poet from the Catalan Pyrenees. She is currently based in the UK. In her poetry, the English language coexists with Catalan, Spanish and any other language that has been on her mind (recently, Portuguese). Her work can be found in Eyot, amberflora and Ambit.