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2 poems by Bert Molsom

A Walk on Rockaway Beach

We walk over the sand dunes

the sound of the waves


the smell of the sea

ever present.

Our feet sink in to soft sand.

We look along the shoreline,

unpeopled, open.

We clamber on logs

migrated from the mountains,

swept out, returned by tides.

Stacked by Pacific storms.

The Beach House

I know the place,

built by my brother

as the family retreat,

go there in mid-night's gap


awake and asleep.

I see

unmade roads,

feel rough stones

beneath my feet.


on smooth sand,


by the ripple of the sea.

I never visit

during winter storms

when the beach is shifted

by the force

of long-distance waves which rise


pulling the sand with them,


I watch the ocean, the empty shore,

then turn back to the house,

look forward to welcoming

the rest it offers,

the memories that will comfort me

as I drift into sleep once more,

hoping a complete awakening

can be delayed.


Bert Molsom retired early to become an apprentice poet, understanding such apprenticeships never end! His work has appeared in Acumen, Anthropocene, Dust Poetry, Fenland Poetry Journal, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Prole, Sarasvati and The Ekphrastic Review (USA)


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