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Women in Amsterdam by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan 

At six pm as churches toll sweetly through yellow clouds

two women in long bright coats lean into each other’s hair

tangle fingers gently locking shoulders

one of them laughing louder

one of them smiling at those clouds

maybe sisters or lovers who have found

this moment this very minute of a cold summer day

this gold dusted evensong moment to tell us

how wonderful we are as we turn to leave


fill up streets with sunflowers on afternoons

for no reason. Blooming, spilling out of museums

framed as they wave golden hearts at us – as we

turn to leave

Thrusting breasts and silver navels at us from glass boxes

filled with red light and pink smoke

winking and wiping eyes as we walk past

Vermeer’s girls. Cheeks glittering

as we leave stepping back slowly

through windows and half drawn curtains


Anuradha Vijayakrishnan is an Indian writer and business professional living in UAE. Her work has appeared in Kenyon Review, Acumen, Magma, Tiger Moth Review and Ice Floes Press. She is the author of a novel, Seeing the girl, (LiFi Publications) and a poetry collection, The Who-am-I-Bird (Bombaykala Books).


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