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Wild Dublin by N.K. Woods

Paw Molly’s breasts, it’s only polite. Den in a doorway. Guard on a bike. Skin inked with dragons; tigers as charms; butterflies hover on a battalion of arms. A woman and baby desperate for milk. Roars from the pub as revellers clink. Hunters with clipboards; prey buoyed by snarls. Grown-ups on scooters; toddlers in cars. Cappuccinos and curses, lattes and hugs. Cigarette in a bin, hand on the butt. Over the tramlines, in through the gate. Ghosts in the Green; lovers on dates. Bread for pigeons, treats for ducks. The hungry will eat the leftover crusts.


N.K. Woods studied Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. Her short fiction has

appeared in Books Ireland, New Worlds New Voices Anthology, The Honest Ulsterman,

Storgy, Ellipsis Zine, and elsewhere. She lives in Ireland.


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