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Wallasea Island Solution by Maria Sledmere

At the clementine movie, you meet a tree surgeon

and honeymoon with the artifice of salt marsh

in the high tide of their breath

How do I peel you? 

An orange isn’t exactly orange but limited

like some kinds of company diamonds

can be exchanged 

for broadband improvements

The surgeon exacts 

a special arterial sap, I feel

you could be a hare or a kestrel   Tidal flow

in their carbon eyes a policy fell

My name is something once lined the Essex coast

and the kitchen system 

If this crisis is allowed to continue, bring me 

eggs on holiday. I am like a Paris agreement.

Marry me.


Maria Sledmere is editor-in-chief at SPAM Press and member of A+E Collective. Recent publications include infra•structure - with Katy Lewis Hood (Broken Sleep) and Chlorophyllia (OrangeApple Press). With Rhian Williams, she co-edited the anthology the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe.


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