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Twilight by Fiona L Bennet

–– January 6th 2023, Epiphany

I scared a pair of moorhens from their nest.

They took off from the riverbank, two arrows

skimming the water, abandoning the cover of rushes

for the cover of dark at estuary’s midpoint

where a single rock with a few strands of tall grass

harboured them just out of sight, masked now

by the fading light. I scared a truth

buried in my heart, a small gulp of air

rising in my throat until I swallowed it down,

my eyes watering as I took it in, whole.

I looked out to the rock, the moorhens only visible

to me because I had seen them travel there.

Two smudges in the gloom, turning this way

and that, looking for their next move.


Fiona L Bennett is founder of the award-winning podcast The Poetry Exchange. Poems have appeared on BBC Radio, in journals including The Rialto and San Pedro River Review,

shortlisted in The National Poetry Competition and The Bridport Prize. She has an MA (distinction) from The Poetry School / Newcastle University.

This poem was chosen by guest editor Tom Branfoot.

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1 Comment

Karan Heppell
Karan Heppell
Jul 01


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