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staring at the sun by Lucy Crispin

on Mozart’s Requiem

As in that garden

where the friends slumbered

and the cup did not pass

so, here, there seems no mercy.

Light is confronted,

its white heat split

into dark and dreadful colours,

the storm surrendered to,

the self a vast and echoing cry.

And this is anatomised,

distinctly articulated,

entered so fully

that ekstasis is achieved,

truth at once felt and seen:

that deep, terrible alchemy

in which only fidelity to pain

transmutes it into a beauty

we may, after all, bear.

Sound swells and opens

like grief in the throat.

Strange blossom,

and peace its stranger fruit.


Lucy Crispin has been published widely in print and online, most recently in Channel, The Blue Nib, Black Bough, The Friend and Poetry Birmingham. Her micro-pamphlet wish you were here is available from Hedgehog Press, who will publish her pamphlet shades of blue in 2020. Find out more at


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