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Recall by Jayne Stanton

a woman walks into a Breast Care clinic

a woman almost changes her mind

a woman puts all her clothes in one basket

a woman walks into the waiting room

a woman wonders how much longer

a woman fears the worst

a woman walks the line of corridor

a woman wants to be any place other than

a woman on the brink

a woman walks into a consulting room

a woman learns why she is here

a woman can’t think straight

a woman walks to the treatment couch

a woman is numb to her core biopsy

a woman becomes a hospital sheet


Jayne Stanton’s poems have appeared in numerous print and online magazines and anthologies. She has written commissions for a county museum, University of Leicester’s

Centre for New Writing, poems for International Women’s Day, and a city residency. A

pamphlet, Beyond the Tune, was published by Soundswrite Press (2014).

This poem was selected by Anthropocene Guest Editor Tom Branfoot.


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