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Love Sonnet in the Aquarium by Laurie Ogden

That shark is a motherfucking big one.

That shark could quickly eat your mother whole.

A mother says How ugly to her son.

He ignores her, reaches out five year old

fingers pressed against the glass, the same star-

fish spread that mine have. We are both in love

now, in this moment with a shape that far

exceeds its that name. It isn’t enough,

just like Joe, the builder, is more than Joe

or a builder. How shadows of surfers

and seals are confused. This feeling will go

soon enough. We cannot take love further

like this. The shark taps on the glass signing,

I heard that lots of humans are dying.


Laurie Ogden is a poet, playwright and performer from Merseyside. She is a

former Barbican Young Poet and Jerwood/Arvon playwriting mentee. Commissions

include Sky Arts, Barnardos and the Barbican. She is a current Roundhouse Resident



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