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Jasmine Gray - I don’t know how to tell you this

but I’m white cold like that too-late

sensation of leaning over the draining board and realising all the

knives are facing blade-up. I’m sweet and my mouth is filled

with quicksand muscovado, tongue thumbing the graves of my

empty gums. In the pit of my stomach lives an eclipsing sun. I

step around the blind corner into oncoming traffic. I am the

concrete smack of a papier-mache skull against the corner of a

table-top. I am that moment at the cinema where you turn to your

date and say ooooh. I felt that. I am a curling toe. The phantom

hammer hitting your kneecap. As the blunt metal makes contact -

I am a thousand standing court room ovations. I am the crunch of

a snail’s shell in the morning when you’re outside bare foot. The

avocado stone hitting the floor - green flesh splatter. I’m the

moment at the threshold, knowing. I am the final warning,

eviction-notice red font. I am the nail varnish chipping as the

door scrapes over your foot. I am indulgent,

lick of salt on a throbbing wound.


Jasmine Gray is a Northern writer and Writing Squad graduate with words in The Book of Bad Betties (Bad Betty Press, 2021), Tilt (Open Eye Gallery, 2021) and The Double Negative (2021). Her debut poetry pamphlet, Let’s Photograph Girls Enjoying Life, is published with Broken Sleep Books (2019).


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