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first book by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer

there is a tree

growing out of my eye

which no one can see

it feeds on my thoughts

and extends each day

a little farther into the world

every second I feel the roots

it has wrapped

around my mind

my neck strains

under the weight

my shoulders ache

but I can’t complain

I planted it myself

I have even named it

there is a tree growing

out of my eye and

it will not stop

until one of us

is cut down

pulped and turned into paper.


Nathaniel Lachenmeyer is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. His first book, The Outsider, which takes as its subject his late father's struggles with schizophrenia and homelessness, was published by Broadway Books. His most recent book, an all-ages graphic novel called The Singing Rock & Other Brand-New Fairy Tales, was published by First Second/Macmillan. Nathaniel lives outside Atlanta with his family.


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