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Doctor Bosch by JP Seabright

Doctor Bosch, the Time Travelling Hieronymus,

has rendered himself anonymous

by taking up residence in the Amsterdam sex palace

known to those who tap their nose as The Garden.

Here customers cough up hard cash to re-enact scenes,

naked and obscene, from The Garden of Earthly Delights.

It is quite a sight, for those who pay to watch.

Doctor Bosch charges a high price for entrance

to his Unearthly Sex Club, where punters pay

to have their eyes plucked out (and eaten)

whilst fucked ceremoniously after a good beating

with a dead skunk. A man hangs from the ceiling,

spinning slowly, snake in anus, spraying clientele with spunk.

Feigning feyness, a woman tends to her own erection,

servicing herself (and another) with a double-headed studded dildo.

Barbed wire and poison ivy decorate the pillows

and bedsheets of this chic and expensive dungeon.

Doctor Bosch chuckles to himself as the cash stacks up,

they’ll never believe this, he thinks, as I paint these scenes

from memory when I travel back to the fifteenth century.


JP Seabright (she/they) is a queer writer living in London. They have three pamphlets

published: Fragments from Before the Fall: An Anthology in Post-Anthropocene Poetry by

Beir Bua Press; the erotic memoir NO HOLDS BARRED by Lupercalia Press, and

GenderFux, a collaborative poetry pamphlet, by Nine Pens Press.


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