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Concept - Samuel Tongue

Not quite Christmas and we’re home

to celebrate waiting and feeling our age –

adult children with heavy assumptions

and heads full of Glühwein. We know

that the star is just spent gas and cinnamon

and, in this way, is still a miracle. Sparrows

pick over the giblets and, in the dining room,

this year’s Stollen sits fruitful and lovely,

a fat little Jesus asleep on the tray. So

much weight on the season, the light

misunderstood by the darkness and life

an open arrival. What makes any of us loveable?

We fuck in the doorway, this threshold,

bold as brass and mistletoe-berried,

gripping frame and hips and

words and flesh and climbing towards

that glorious pivot, a balance of coming

and going, run through with immaculate

advent. So much weight on the fertile periods,

the rituals – it used to be that god opened

and closed wombs like glittering doors –

and all because the zygotic event is

an im/possible some/where that

will save us. Afterwards, we brew strong

coffee and drink it black, turn over

the cups and welcome the grinds,

read them for what they are.


Samuel Tongue's collections include Sacrifice Zones (Red Squirrel, 2020) and three

pamphlets: The Nakedness of the Fathers (Broken Sleep, 2022), Stitch (Tapsalteerie,

2018), Hauling-Out (Eyewear, 2016). Poems have appeared in different places,

including Magma, Poetry Wales, Finished Creatures, and Banshee Lit; some have been

translated into Arabic, Latvian, and Estonian.


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