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Blue Delphiniums by L Kiew

I go on

happiness of lilies and

irises tucking into every inch

and hole and scrape

taking photos

alcoves overflowing with

white and blue delphiniums

columbines campanulas

in the afternoon heat

roses tangling around the sundial

wreathing trunks and hanging from branches

garlands falling in cascades over walls


he [ ]



the path

looking [ ]

where where where is he

he [ ]

call him

it rings

shake n’ vac … it’s all you have …

put the freshness back … is that?

wrong redial

number rings

it is just a courtesy call to remind

your <type> policy is due

to expire in <number> day’s time

wrong call

wrong again

number rings

[ ] yes

he’s here

yes [ ]

he died

in my arms

this morning


A Chinese-Malaysian living in London, L Kiew earns her living as an accountant. She was shortlisted for 2017 Primers mentoring and publication scheme. Her debut pamphlet The Unquiet came out with Offord Road Books in February 2019. She is currently a participant in the London Library Emerging Writers Programme.


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