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Bean by Cheryl Moskowitz

At first you were nothing

but a hard fist

a closed heart

a cold stone

not even my tongue

could soften

unyielding even

when I pressed you

into the earth

and held you there

with my finger

urging you deeper

before covering

you over in dirt

leaving you

abandoned for weeks

you stayed hidden

I imagined you

cold and alone

under the surface

out of my hold

I was certain

I would grow old

and impatient

waiting for you

I know the rules

of exposure

that a negative

can only develop

if the door to the

darkroom stays closed

but I was too hungry

for the sight of you

and ventured

like an animal

into the garden

scrabbling in wet earth

clawing the ground

nearly breaking

the tiny white

neck of you

those little spider limbs

you’d grown so delicately

out of nowhere

how changed

you had become

since I last saw you

and now you are


claiming your own

life despite me

and I see you

climbing high

and strong

heavy with

the fruit of you

waiting to be


you broad

you fava


hanging there


your bounty

as if you are

simply there

for the taking.


Cheryl Moskowitz is a US born, UK based poet, novelist and creative translator. With her husband, musician Alastair Gavin she runs the All Saints Sessions She is an editor at Magma Poetry. Her recent pamphlet Maternal Impression is published by Against the Grain Poetry Press (2021)

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