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Aleppo In Pictures by Eileen Farrelly

This is not my city

but your camera lens pulls me in

like Alice through the looking glass

This is not a dream

where you wake in the morning

to coffee and the humdrum call of the day

and wander through tree lined avenues

where old men gather to gossip

before retreating

to the shade of cool stone arcades.

This is not news.

This is just

a young man with a camera

wandering among the shadows

where doors and ceilings

dangle like fractured limbs

among the tumbledown rubble,

the ruins of his city

where the dust will never settle.


Eileen Farrelly lives in Scotland and has written poetry, intermittently for most of her life.

Her poems have most recently appeared, The Gladrag, Marble and The Writers Café

Magazine. She is also a musician and songwriter and can be found singing for beer in

various pubs around Glasgow.


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