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3 poems by SJ Fowler

Big Wednesday

RELEASE: 7 August 1980

DIRECTOR: John Milius


what every tree [The News Is They Are Coming]

gushes over books that havent been read. [We Are Resurrected]

things to be finished. [Knowing Something]

the abeyance of time. [The Job of the Spider ]

an apocalyptic sense of crisis [Unraveling]

repeat the name. village, run-down. [The Devil's Tit, Satan's Tango]

mysterious criminal or prophet comes along. [Irimiás Gives A Speech]

gets them all to move to another village. [The Perspective From the Front]

we don’t know why. [Going to Heaven? Having Nightmares?]

('Heaven is sad') [The Perspective From The Rear]

Destruction and Sorrow Beneath the Heavens is sadder. [Just Trouble and


a long mirror. [The Circle Closes]

RELEASE: 22 December 1994


This Filthy Earth

there’s none could cure you

of your ignorance

I mean that’s great

we love you as you are

Anselm Hollo

To have a good soil that produces face is a reet

where surroundings are with a fat accents

and physical gestures of unlikely drinks marriage.

A fat to wish earth well, in lay of people, an

never have stomach upsets, and recognise nowt

the choice in constant farm behaviour.

Life half, and boring out of fear and fright

or make a light mystery

so clowt as to create

hurt about and feel full tank

instead of nowt

or stopped, or bog, or lob, or

weaks stomachs pecking the claim.

RELEASE: 2 November 2001

DIRECTOR: Andrew Kötting


SJ Fowler is a poet and artist living in London. These poems are taken from his 9th collection 'Come and See the Songs of Strange Days : Poems on Films'


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