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3 poems by Mike Ferguson


I always refused to apply pragmatics to Shakespeare’s. It’s all just talk talk talk. In its

birthday suit, what is said by consenting speakers continually sounds unadorned. Her

backchanneling goes viral in a crowd. The best we can be is listeners. I would always prefer to hear Carver hearing others when representing the interchanges of speech. Oracy in the classroom – that natural dynamics of learning when they talk to one another, igniting.

Tentative in nature / touching certainty in conversation. like like like like like like like like like

like in iambic pentameter is still a filler.

There is No Such Thing as Nothing

Understanding the cosmic search, yet it is overly obvious as the initial port. The Fugs proving otherwise. It will always be the deepest irony when pursuing. Learing at it all day to try and see. Where there is some probability. Aristotle again put his finger in and on to prove by more ways than one. As we can contemplate it. How I would explore the discourse all night when drugs and Monopoly no longer engaged. It is all bubbles and foam. As for Absolute Nothing, it is more about semantics than shrinkage as poets play the game with a wasted deck of cards.

Gristle on the Bolted Kitchen Door

The sinew of indigestible gestures in love. Out of your blues. If you gather around there will

be dropped crumbs of secret thoughts. Haunches leap inside themselves with their elastin.

Where the rods on back door and front gate have some sense of equilibrium in staying drawn.Knives and forks set from outward to in is as pretentious as that surface of glass. If chewing too hard you might get symptoms before synonyms. Fasteners that do not run as quickly as him. When bespoken they converse by individual tongue and groove. Posing in the throb of that body’s journey. App-enabled for playfulness. Strangers are not allowed to work at the informality of its furniture.


Mike Ferguson is an American permanently resident in the UK. His most recent poetry publication is 'Professions' [The Red Ceilings Press, 2018] and a collection of found prose poems is forthcoming with Knives Forks and Spoons Press.


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