3 poems by Marie-Pascale Hardy

This diluted sunset laid out before us once we reached our first unobstructed view over the hills when snow was a thing of the past and you complained about the trees along the way obscuring the sight despite its most demure intentions was gripping

you know me like a sister knows in the dark her way through the woods despite moss overgrowth you know me like a sister knows eyes closed where to grope

I was hoping for a spectacular sunrise on my first awakening by your side as I drew the curtains of the window with the breath taking view over the roofs and the city opulent and flat like a sea that meets clandestine its lover the sky but all I saw was disappointment forgetting it’s winter and your window faces north

________________________________ Marie-Pascale Hardy is an artist whose practice extends across poetry, performance, vocal and visual art. Her words have appeared in Poetry London, SAND, FU Review, stadtsprachen, Burning House.