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3 poems by Kathrine Sowerby

A Horse with No Name

How long we live

with choices to make

forms to fill in

What will I call myself?

Will anyone notice if I don’t

if I just keep walking

Barefoot is my preference

That night I slept so well

Remember Joe?

I crashed a car looking for him

in boots that didn’t fit and overalls

frayed at the hems

He rubbed my stomach

and I lay not wanting to move

in case he stopped

Mamma Mia

The dog hair is mounting up and I am standing at the open fridge, eating vegan smoky

‘ham’ wrapped in lettuce. Two slices of ham, one lettuce leaf has the correct ratio of salt

and fresh and slime and crunch so I keep going until the packet is finished and there is a

new bin bag so it falls right to the bottom of the bin and no one will ever know I bought

it. I miss eating alone, I miss having a whole day to do what the hell I like even though

days alone and days with interruptions are similar, the line wobbling between leave me

alone and call me. Nobody calls anymore – email me why don’t you – no not you, I’m

busy stockpiling the coconut milk I like from the clearance shelf. Enjoy your coffee, says

the woman at the checkout. I’ve been telling her about my coffee preferences for the

duration of scanning and packing, which isn’t long – 2 bags worth - and my coffee

preference isn’t complicated, I just really like that brand of coconut milk and yes, I will

enjoy it, I will drink my fourth cup right now to wash down the salt and fresh and slime

and crunch with a chewy stick of liquorice and try not to think about the kiss on the back

of my neck.


The man who asks how to prepare granola

The man who asks if Red Bull contains alcohol

The man who asks if my car is any good

I tell him you just pour milk on it

I tell him there is only sugar and caffeine

I tell him the sliding doors are handy

The man who asks for a massage

I don’t tell him anything


Kathrine Sowerby lives in Glasgow and is the author of that bird loved (Hesterglock Press) and House However (Vagabond Voices). More at


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