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3 poems by Adam Warne

quick comes squirrel

to creep over me as he

had rarely known

and very intently

on haunches

sniff and

scanned my surroundings

a little irritably

tail wagging

“now what’s a boy to make of that?”

the ash tree

rose up and up

to where

it was the lure of

bare branches

sprout hands

sure as thunder

to shudder

stored fat

out from me

“He’s wanted for about everything

and reveal himself

in the shallow by

the Cistercian

when Osbert who

began scriptures

until their Latin

stolen each night

from a field

the hare hastes

his family were

with the priest

in a child voice

the dog could

swear and speak

to make sure

here I want to focus more

on the springs and the autumns

and the winters and the summers

because it gives me the greatest pleasure

allow me to sleep on the

only right places

keep away

I was terrified

I thought of all the terrible things

then James found a

bluest eggshell that

on the further field

he was still so tired that

he was sweating as much as

the cow parsley

is sprung again


Adam Warne was born in Suffolk in 1988. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and is currently working towards a PhD at the University of Roehampton. His pamphlet Suffolk Bang was published by Gatehouse Press in 2018.


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