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2 poems by Zoe Hua

a journey

They found the waves and cliffs fucking.

the jagged! the soft, (shoreline), the rocks! that crumble to sand from protrusion

the mountains! the land! the phallic! (and), bosoms of mountains reclining

rivers, lakes, seabeds — (still), sentience that echoes in silence

valleys that slope into the sun, (and) moon’s avoidant-attached tango

Whose pendulum lurches? Whose string tickles, in this daily diva display (of luminaries)

up pebbles that rouse, (up) sentiments that shiver

they found the winds and clouds caressing

as soft as misty breath, (then),

This journey comes to an end.

raw / nature / truths that pierce /

circles, intrusion, and

eternity —

seashore milkshakes

I chase babycino foam moustaches that linger above lips 

frosty snowflakes

that sink into pebbly cracks as they recede

cream-cheese crumbled into milk tea

swirls of cinnamon, hints of vanilla, rose petals that float, 

ornamental like sea-shells ; crystal like seaglass

froth like milkshakes that spring onto the concrete land

I lick 

The edge of the sea that rides


I place

My palm to the centre.

The ripples of custard pudding 


In feathery flows

Currents whirl

And with slushie icicles

My back floats on aerated styrofoam 

as I lie facing expanding arctic skies


Zoe Hua was born in Hong Kong and is based in Brighton. Her work has been featured in the anthology 'People, Pandemic & #######' published by Verve Poetry Press. 


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