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2 poems by Vahni Anthony Ezekiel Capildeo


A priest is an actor

An actor is an acrobat

An acrobat is an astronomer

An astronomer is a poet

A poet

Is not qualified to preach


summer with doom

silence with strawberries

a lot of us

aren’t having

a good time

the longest coffee

is instant

and sweet, the emperor

of icemen cometh

so this

is just

to say

querid@s amig@s

you can find today’s queerlection

in the queerlectionary


i remain

truly thankful

and incredibly

full of bounce

at least sometimes

un abrazo

anthony ezekiel


Vahni Anthony Ezekiel Capildeo FRSL is a Trinidadian Scottish writer of poetry and non-fiction. Capildeo's eight books and nine pamphlets include Like a Tree Walking (Carcanet, 2021) and The Dusty Angel (Oystercatcher, 2021).

Trapeze and Acknowledgements are from Gentle Housework of the Sacrifice (Guillemot, forthcoming).


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