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2 poems by Simon Alderwick

yo fuckboi

take your smartness & explain to me

magnets; snowdrift; guilt.

solve the following equation:

reverse engineering is equal to

inner peace to the power of x

where x meets the y axis

& the y axis represents


let your smartness off the leash.

throw a ball of secure achievements.

does it bounce against the wall

of hearts & hopes & fears?

recreate this as a sonnet

a sestina

a dirty protest

a christmas number 1

it's all academic to me

a sharpened pencil up my nose

touching my brain

as my head hits the desktop

but that was just an urban myth.

I'm calling my smartness

I'm calling smartness

puke my guts out

but he's gone.

pop up circus

they like your clown face

better than your real face

it's your civic duty

to report your neighbour


used to be taller

trees used

to add life

his bark is worse than his bite

they should have known better

it's only a matter

if you don't drop the matter

it's only a small drop

you can make it


Simon Alderwick is originally from London and recently moved to Wales after several years in the Philippines. His work has recently appeared in Coven, Dwelling, Burnt Breakfast, Re-Side and Green Ink, among other places


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