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2 poems by Maria Isakova Bennett 


Remember me

at the edge of sunlight

against a wall in Hexham,

after a freak storm

flooded streets,


Our shadows are dense

in the photographs you keep.

You leaned in

to taste,

disturbed my roots.

Held in a stone vase,

I’m unquiet

dying to be careless.


Your ochres give a loose assurance

of summer – its delayed arrival

and stubborn refusal to take hold.

Smudged colour keeps us all awake,

flushes our evening with mauve

for mourning, beats out news


Maria, from Liverpool is the author of 3 pamphlets. She is the recipient of

The Peggy Poole Award, 2020/1 and a New North Poet Award, 2017/8.

Maria is writer in residence for Mersey Care, and creates and edits the

hand-stitched poetry journal, Coast to Coast to Coast.


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