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2 poems by Luke Samuel Yates


Tom is tidal.

He had too much broth.

The hotpot came with free top-ups

and Tom finished it off.

He can’t drive his car

because of the moon.

He can tell the time

without a clock.

He’s swallowing the rivers,

he couldn’t be stopped.

Maybe we didn’t try hard enough.

Now the mountains are dessert

and yet everything else

carries on going.

The world


I cycle home

past the cranes

sleeping on their feet.

The lights change

on an empty crossing.


I needed to contextualise owls

so I found a picture containing

a variety of animals among which

owls were included. The forest was full

of these soft, observant beings.


Luke Samuel Yates has pamphlets with The Rialto (The Pair of Scissors that Could Cut Anything) and Smith-Doorstop (The Flemish Primitives, a winner of the 2014/15 Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Prize). You can find his first collection, Dynamo, here.


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