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2 poems by Huw Gwynn-Jones

North of Blue

“He closes his eyes. This is my superpower,

he thinks”

Ocean Vuong

just a semitone half-hue

somewhere south of violet north

of blue a vibrant ink perhaps

electric as hummingbirds

these tropical days of dust

and indolence and clouds that shy

from the light I hear a whisper

of something rising unseen

and there in the deep

of lidded eyes I find my special

superpower to dream

in shades of indigo

Wild Violet

Imagine a colour

without name or provenance –

say lapis

think blue made wise

by fire and the heart

of damask violets –

a sight for bees

and wild eyes

that see

where we are forever blind.


Retired and living in Orkney, Huw comes from a line of poets in the Welsh bardic tradition, though he denies ever having worn a druidic robe. His work has appeared in ‘Acumen’ and ‘Tears in the Fence’, and his debut pamphlet, ‘The Art of Counting Stars’, was published in 2021.


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