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2 poems by Geraldine Clarkson


she said we could go to the edge of the sea if we liked

stay in a house of boards

steal the air—which is belting

she said ‘difference is as good as repose’

Blaue Blaue Blaue

You have this, Mother: we are private here in our alcove, fresh-flowered each Friday;

bowed to by devout schoolgirls, albeit perfunctorily

—Albertine Alba’s daughter (private


Blaue! Blaue! Blaue! And blaue your mantle, which is magnificent, and will keep us

from ham

We eat green leaves gathered from the herbarium Tue-Sat, in order to be less


I composed something outstanding while I was waiting in the shower for the steam to

clear and the blood to flow less fancily

Machines all over town nudge pound coins into gutters and drains, enriching the rats

who spend, spend, spend in unsecured kitchens—two preening like ladies-in-waiting

on the sugar shelf


Geraldine Clarkson is a UK poet of Irish heritage. She has published poetry

chapbooks with Shearsman Books and smith|doorstop and her fourth chapbook,

‘Crucifox’, was released by Verve Poetry Press in May 2021.


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