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2 poems by Bert Molsom

On the beach at Alexandria

The ripples spark in the sun,

which always shines.

No rain dimples the water.

We paddle, exploring the edge

of an ocean of which

we can see so little.

The waves reach higher

up the beach, we jump them,

move further from the shore,

ready to dive in and break through.

The sea will support us,

drag us down,

lift us back to the sun.

High tide comes,

breakers crash into us.

We are soaked,

dragged by the flows.

We lean on each other,

bracing for the next wave.

Later, at low water

the sand reappears,

there is room to play.

Happy now at the sea’s edge

just watching the waves,

watching others paddle, explore.


In the long dark misheard

whispers hint a presence,

hunters searching for prey.

Light stalks over the horizon,

revealing boundaries

that restrained the night.

Silver birches appear

through the mists.

The sun-dial emerges.

The air retains its shape.

A bird breaks through -

a black streak.

The sun, climbing out,

shifts dark clouds

into white, reveals

day's colours;

discloses my path

to escape the night.


Bert Molsom retired early to become an apprentice poet, fully understanding apprenticeships last a long time! He has been long-listed for the Bridport Prize, won Poetry on Loan 2016 and been Highly Recommended in a number of other competitions. Having moved house twice in 12 months he is now getting back to work!


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