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2 poems by Alison Miller

You’re so Cool

In response to a video of her son

singing about not wanting to fall

into lava I told her that I was once

tattooed in Greece by a man

named Bunny who had fled his

native Portugal in the wake of an

unspecified crime and who had

asked me what my favorite natural

disaster was and when I asked if

he meant the one that made me

feel the most scared or the most

good he was confused so I just

said tsunamis and I don’t remember

what his was just that he was very

passionate about it and also the idea

that everything is bullshit—music,

parties, people, drugs—all of it

bullshit. She said That’s so cool

and I thought about her hair which

is curly like mine and last Christmas

when she drank too much and

kissed me, and later, her sweet

regret and I said YOU’RE so cool.

Kiss on a Pier

Did you get me sick?

I texted him, nudging

shut my car door

No. I can’t reach you

he wrote back. I walked

towards the pier

Have you tried?

I asked him from California

sitting down with pigeons


He replied from Virginia

with his wife and kids

Try right now. I bet I’ll feel it.

I closed my eyes

as the wind kissed my breast

Felt it.


Alison Miller is a writer and sex educator whose poetry has been published in various literary magazines including Hobart Pulp, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ariel Chart, and Bareback Magazine. The owner of sex positive adult boutiques in Richmond, Virginia, she currently resides in San Diego.


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