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2 poems by Adelina Cazacutu

When I go home

the rhythms of bodies & sparks of the bonfire are synchronised. While moving & shimmering forest ladies-in-night-blues, tune in side by side to pray for the wilderness. For the Dog Rose to bloom & linger before summer fades & villagers tilt dangerously with handfuls of mulberries. I know this rite with yellow bedstraw crowns dispersed over the rustic roofs in June & apricot sheet cake neatly cut in squares mami makes. Because I am there when the brown bears on the Eastern Carpathians look up to see, too. Asking for permission from the cherubs to borrow a wing. Like a cut-out-to-send postcard of Romania—I end up carving all these sounds on my doorway

The night of soulmates

In our family, even midsummer fairies join the Sunday Gatherings to bless those footprints retreating into the soil where trees talk to each other. Whence ghosts come out and wander around at night,after, mother says goodnight sweet child, outside my window, behind the clusters of purple tulips grandma planted for grandpa, hide in, a place for We, a place for Where are you?



Adelina Cazacutu was born in Moldova Noua but grew up in Athens, and nowadays lives in

London. When she is not writing, she enjoys growing tomatoes. It is all part of a bigger plan. These are her first published poems


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