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2 poems by Joe O’Callaghan

People Tree

Here a leafless tree

bears a mathematical expression

pointing to the tips of its branches

to the fractal ends

it solves itself before the light

in a ritual of continuing

liquid water transport, even slowly

to the pulse of its own atoms

it becomes a bare recipient, black arms splaying

with a sad strange elation

the kneeling man, reaching

wide with grief


An underside of cloud

sore pink, raw attended by oranges, untrue -

morning ablations

who lives at ease in this continual landscape

the arching back in dark relief, and curly weeds

spreading endemically

where above a flock turns

in the conviction of instinct

congratulating itself in the sky’s volume

I clench, besotted by the anxious sky

The past lies ahead


Joe O’Callaghan is a new poet based in Shropshire, England. His poems publicationshave appead including Ink, Sweat and Tears. He works as a lawyer.


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