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Wednesday by Imogen Osborne

And then it is to want

as lushly as I wanted

at the wetlands,

some old god leaching

the light from our life-bowl:

daylight hours swishing

up the sides, carelessly

held in February’s

chosen glower.

Elixir Elixir! Powder

for the wound,

bottled and corked

and sold

to the weak

or fading,

like us, the heron

shrinking with the

fourteen days it took

to go from there to

here. Hero February, the

oarsman, driving

the year through

the marsh, to my

love, to the end of

my endless unraveling

want, sucking green

from the world, swallowing

its pigment, leaving

the day’s milky white

stuff spreading -

they call it



Imogen Osborne is a poet from Bristol living in London. She studied English at Cambridge University, and her debut pamphlet, New Year, was published by Cheltenham Poetry Festival in September 2021. @imogenosborne_


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