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Times and Seasons by Joel Anthony Harris

Jittery runaway brides

sick with cold feet.

The parched sand that

slips between fingers,

cradling there alone

if only momentarily.

Fleeting in one sense,

eternal in another.

They come and go

like northerly visitors

rubbing shoulders

with caramel indigenes.

They come and go

as the mammoth

dust plumes

swallowing alive

the green

Atlantic chains.

Behold the pink poui

in golden, dry season.

A newly-crowned

Queen of Carnival

in watercolour frocks.

Swaying branches

winged in

exotic feathers.

Beneath her withering


a giddying roulette wheel

chanced with wilted petals.

Sugar sweet, pungent.

And the August menace

that soon follows:

inert tornados

of feisty rain flies

towelling your face, arms

and legs before nightfall.

The feeling of going forth –

exhilarated, half-blind.


Joel Anthony Harris is a Trinidadian poet and artist who was recently shortlisted at Into the Void's 2020 Poetry Prize. The editor and contributor to two books: The Alpha Barrier of North South Dialogue and The Twilight of America's Omnipresence. He is pursuing a double-major at McGill University.


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