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The woman who fed the flesh of god by Jennifer A. McGowan

I am not a maiden.

My breasts are full

and heavy, leak onto pure linen

even after I’ve nursed and nursed.

Tutankhamen, you are not a god yet,

though your eyes question the sky.

You gulp and suck and belch

like any infant. Like mine,

who lies beside you waiting his turn.

You both take me for yours, life as your right.

To be alive is to need me.

Tutankhamen, you are not a god yet,

but at last I am a goddess.


Jennifer A. McGowan won this year’s Prole pamphlet competition; her winning

pamphlet, Still Lives with Apocalypse, is available from Prolebooks. Other collections are

available from Arachne Press (With Paper for Feet), and from the author herself. She is

disabled and lives in Oxford.


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