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The Antidote by Izzy Brittain

Take one lady of the beasts,

hunkered down on haunches,

naked, filthy and covered in fungus.

Slowly caramelise - vigorously,

dripping in sweat and saliva,

blitz internalised structures.

Smash them; ice cubes for a cocktail.

Boil up suits with eye of newt,

whisper, crazy plant lady,

about carbon sequestering

silky-soft sea-green foliage.

Dismantle ecocidal maniacs

one plant,

one careful slice

at a time.


Izzy Brittain is an interdisciplinary artist working with dance and poetry. She has completed

commissions at The Turnpike and ARC Stockton, and her poems have been published in Popshot and the Bloody Amazing anthology. She is currently working on her first collection under the mentorship of poet Rebecca Tantony.


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