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run : pipe by Monica Kim

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

sleep : body is still. dream : body is running

feet hitting concrete. there is a pipe

& nothing else in sight. closed eyes see

through the darkness in the pipe

encasing the body. the body doesn’t know

what she is running away from. only to : pipe,

hiding the body in its shell, pressing

the body to a mold of a pipe-

line. the body follows a line

of people chained to a pipe-

line the size of a skyscraper, bloated

on settler colonial corporate greed piped

through its veins. the body runs away

to the pipe : away from the pipe : run.


Monica Kim is a queer writer and organizer. Born in South Korea, she now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing has been published in the lickety~split, Pollux Journal, Pine Hills Review, and others.You can find her on Twitter at @kimmonjoo.


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