Minor Bones, Restructured by Aaron Kent

    News perspective concerns advertisers,

    (it’s ok)

    you are my relevant target audience

    – too surveyed; slush pile shush

    file away

    slow news days are currency like familial love

    as daily representation (

    oblivion one-on-one with the trash) our means

    of love allow us to discredit. Favour

    my father’s clone;

    I am melatonin symptom –

    matrimonial channels


    ‘Sterile surface – rebate costs of


    shin & splint.’

    Report back: minimal interest;

    circadian rhythm bleed me dry: entranc’d

    to first hearing, sharing is shaping

    is manipulating,

    strong-arm tactics are barbaric refuse.

    If my family could see me now (hush,

    the baby is asleep

    and you’ve been coaxing me

    feverish for twenty

    minutes) could see familiarity now.

    Father is front

    page news,

    too old to be worth the novelty

    of breaking minor bones.

    Ristretto every morning and Lysine

    – convince myself awake

    and not a symptomatic lapse –

    familiarity is intimacy and

    melatonin please bleed me



    Aaron Kent is the editor of Broken Sleep Books, and has had 7 pamphlets published. He is currently working on a full length collection tentatively titled 'working class SCUM'. He is always happy to converse about Godzilla, the working class, and Kanye West