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Jonah Reads The Moonlight by Warren Czapa

& i hear stringed

instruments heave

unlike octaves &

it feels like sea resolving

they say Euphrates means

break or liquid


the terror above

the black olive trees

magnetised from marrow

stiff into garden for a minute

…. do you hear the leaves

refuse to listen the flat

hooves praying the

relenting silver light

pronounced unlike

it is spoken it says

daughters point the vowels

to understanding

the river undoes a limit

a horse travels through broad

channelled places that this

appropriate moment

lies facing


Warren Czapa lives and works in London. His poems have been published by Magma, Poetry Bus, Perverse, Burning House Press, Black Bough, Verve and Babel Tower Notice Board. His work has been longlisted for the Troubadour International Poetry Prize and commended in the Verve Festival Poetry competition.


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