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How to flatten the moon by Matt Gilbert

Don’t look,


bring a glass,

not a Claude Glass,

though, do turn your back

as the guide suggests,

or rather, turn your

heart’s eye away,

ignoring that


nerve sensation

behind the ribs,

it’s nothing

but an atavistic



the second you

approached the bus stop,

saw hanging there

above the shelter’s

upturned L

the milky rounded glint

of our almost full-fat


stirrer of waves,

provider of rocky perspective,

and intimately distant reassurance

to any who care to lift a chin,

at least since we first

dropped down from trees –

so there it is, there it waits,

all 7.342 × 10 22  kg of it,

now ease the smartphone

from your pocket,

point it up towards

our ancient friend,

then click.

Now you’ve done it.


Matt Gilbert is a freelance copywriter and blogger, who regularly writes on place,

books and other diversions at Originally from Bristol he now

gets his fill of urban hills in South London.


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