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Ether by Antonela Pallini-Zemin

translated by Antonela Pallini-Zemin and Laia Sales Merino


I sense you when I put opium on

which I help with timber

and I breathe a gardenia

that shackles me

to books and to lyrics

that summon me

and now I don’t even remember

about the spikenard because

the only essential job

requires incense

and some myrrh

and I no longer know if I’m a witch

or a poetess

pero I swear

that I have touched you

with no spell

other than my ethereal amor

which reaches you from

the most faraway corners

and raises your spirits

when you need it most

and when you least expect it

and I am there opening paths

and protecting

the feelings

which in this life I find

the purest

y brightest

que with honey and azahar

I guard

before a love

that is a miracle

and that only dios

can judge.


Te siento al ponerme opium

al que ayudo con madera

y respiro una gardenia

que me encadena

a libros y a letras

que me llaman

y ya ni me acuerdo

del nardo porque

el único trabajo primordial

requiere incienso

y algo de mirra

y ya no sé si soy bruja

o soy poetisa

pero te juro

que con ningún hechizo

te he tocado

más que con mi amor etéreo

que te llega desde

los rincones más alejados

y te levantan el ánimo

cuando más lo necesitás

y cuando menos te lo esperás

y estoy allí abriendo caminos

y protegiendo

los sentimientos

que en esta vida encuentro

de lo más puro

e iluminado

que con miel y azahar


tras un amor

que es un milagro

y que sólo dios

puede juzgarlo.


Antonela Pallini-Zemin graduated as an English Language and English Literature Teacher in Buenos Aires and has recently completed an MA in Creative Writing Poetry at UEA. She writes both in English and Spanish. Her poems have been published in different newspapers, literary magazines and journals across the UK, the US, Argentina, and Spain.

Laia Sales Merino is a poet from the Catalan Pyrenees currently based in Barcelona. Her work can be found in Ambit, harana poetry and perhappened among others. IG: lai_to_the_sound


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