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Cheap Tricks by Golnoosh Nour

I always wanted it darker – harder

the bushes and the pines weren’t enough

sexuality is and isn’t about genitalia, head

bursts with its hysterics every night,

and bisexuality, my sinister saviour, whispers

a hard cock could be a hard clit, and vice versa.

Sometimes one eats when one is famished, other times

to possess a sensation, to repress another urgency. You

bit into your carrot cake, catching my hungry eyes, then licked

the cream off your pink lips, your tactics cheap

like the cake you were devouring, but that didn’t stop me

for cheapness has seldom stopped me – I am a hard

snob only on the outside, my insides

are as soft as baby teeth; I am indeed

weak and my desire is as thin as your fingers so

when you put them inside me, I trembled.

We both felt like cheap cheats, but I’d say it was worth it

– my orgasm was delicious just like your cheap cake.


Golnoosh Nour is the author of The Ministry of Guidance and other stories – shortlisted for

the Polari Prize 2021. Her poetry collection ROCKSONG was recently published by Verve

Poetry Press. Her work has also appeared in Granta, Spontaneous Poetics, and Columbia

Journal amongst others. Golnoosh teaches literature and creative writing at the University of



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