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Bulletin / Recycled dreams by Nicki Heinen

Be clad in polka dots

scholar’s hat thrown

remembering the times of drought

waiting for something, anything real

water filling the cracks

of the morgue gone by

tell me, I said, of your distresses

tell me, I said, of your loves

isn’t it the terrible thing

that is over, goodbye

good news, I said, it is over

good news, I said, it is done


Nicki Heinen is a London based writer, featured in publications such as PNReview, Poetry

Wales, Magma, and Bloodaxe’s Staying Human. Her 2017 pamphlet Itch was a London

Review Bookshop book of the year. There May Not Be a Reason Why, her debut collection,

was published with Verve Press in 2022.


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