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Apartment None Other by Robert Frede Kenter

I kiss you

You roll down the window

And still it is snowing

I ask you

What is that building across?

It seems very old

Yes, it was the order of nuns

Each room with its crucifix on the wall

Now it is a Hotel

Filled with small rooms devoted to commerce

I see them coming and going

Here money changes hands

And the snow continues

In the yellow light of the old and the new

The interstices where it all connects

And still, it snows

When we awake

Everything is so quiet

Raven black pupils

How many hands outstretched?

To feel the sting of snow

The brutal brittle air

The wind charging along

Beneath balustrades

Where heavy curtains move mesmeric

In and out and in and out

I watch you breathe like smoke or praying

We are still, we are frozen


Robert Frede Kenter is a writer and visual artist. Most recently, Guest Editor at Burning House Press, “secrets and lies” issue. His book Audacity of Form (Ice Floe Press, 2019). Published widely incl. Twist in Times, cough, Anti-Heroin Chic, Fascist Panties, Grain, New Quarterly,Lost & Found Times, etc.


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