3 poems by Mark Waldron

    Little Men

    What is an uptown man but a blurt

    chinny chin chin

    but a plea chinny chin chin

    tenderised by this rickety peace he’s living in

    This peace that hangs as poison fruit in the tree tree trees

    Three little men

    dot dot dot

    I’ll blow your top in

    I’ll rasher you streaky

    I’ll nosh your little house right off with my to-attention teeth

    Rows of soldiers

    hid for now behind the plump hedges of their come-hithers

    What type of king is making the roof go down little men

    What kind of king ra ra ra

    Chinny chin chin

    chinny chin

    dot dot dot

    L-L-Let me in

    For ever and ever

    What do you want chief

    with your

    woebegone like a catchall

    Do you take me for a spectacle

    Or Elephantine Or Squished

    Or ears like halleluiahbubble

    pip pip

    I hear you

    Our father who art squished

    Fish come up to eat

    the la la flies

    as dogs go down

    to chop the dirty

    Forgive me my respite

    My kingdom has holes in it

    The opposites of sausages

    Am I made of lemons

    Did you like me for a chirrup

    O what is your purpose soldier boy on the edge of there in your C-Crimean c-costume

    Trees about

    And that d-lady dressed in whitely robes –

    a-floating ghostling

    Easy-peasy I am knocked together

    bottle glue

    corrugated cardboard

    down whose pokey corridors: all sorts of not a lot

    I am one I made earlier

    The soldier has nothing for here and so bangs off on no I don’t care and you too

    (to the monotonous beat of the humdrum)

    A little bit this A little bit that

    Don’t try stay with me

    for I will stay with d-lady

    This carpet has marvellous spots

    The stripy one not so much

    And there we must leave us and everything about to go boom


    Mark Waldron’s fourth collection, 'Sweet, like Rinky-Dink' was published by Bloodaxe Books in 2019. He was selected as a Next Generation Poet by the Poetry Book Society in 2014.